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Long, long time ago... Not so long, actually, it's been only a few years, but it seems like another life - my friend convinced me to take my two household pets to a show.

Then, there was another show... And then I was lost.

At first I didn't think about a cattery at all. After one of the shows I fell in love with bengals, but it was a platonic kind of love. I have already had two cats, haven't I? And it was quite enough, right?

But the dream about a bengal just sticked into my mind. Well, maybe? My husband professed his love for maine coons and we made a decision: a bengal for me, a maine coon for you.

My husband's maine coone arrived some time later. But my bengal turned out to be Filip - a tabby and white rescue cat, for whom I was supposed to find a forever home. But he decided our home was the right one. And he prevailed ;)

Well, we had reached our limit of cats. I was left with watching bengals on my favorite catterys' sites. And on the shows, but there were very few bengals there back in those days.

All this watching, reading articles written by breeders, reading mailing lists allowed me to better my knowledge of the breed. And in my mind I formed this picture of my perfect bengal.

Suddenly we were able to significantly enlarge our living quarters. And the vision of a perfect bengal demanded to be realised... We decided to start a cattery.

A year later our first bengal kitten arrived. She is my treasure and my big love. In this case love doesn't want to be blind - my queen has perfect ancestors and many great qualities, but I can also see all these things that could be improved. I know I set a huge task for myself. But this is what breeding is about. I hope I will manage.

2009-03-04, Agata Kruszona-Zawadzka